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Monday 12 Apr 2021

[@]The Savoy - Heaton Moor

the savoy

If the IMAX is an indication of where cinema is going then the Savoy is a relic that reminds us of its humble beginnings.

Having opened in 1923 the Savoy fast approaching its 100-year anniversary.

During its early years the Savoy screened silent movies with live musical accompaniment; it wasn’t until 1930 that it was fitted with sound technology and could begin to show ‘talkies’.

The cinema was threatened with closure 2006 when the Barracuda group made an offer for the site with plans to build a bar on the location. Local uproar saved the cinema and it continues to run today, located just a 15 minutes train ride out of the city.

Theatres like the Savoy are now few and far between since the emergence of giant multiplexes, so if you’ve got a spare few hours on a wet day, hop on a bus or train and pay it a visit.

The Savoy Heaton Moor

Heaton Moor Road

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