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Wednesday 26 Feb 2020

[@]Dogs n Dough - Americana in the City

Dogs n Dough

Dogs ‘n’ Dough is difficult to find or even stumble upon, with its somewhat unremarkable main entrance in Bow Lane, merely an alley, off Cross Street is likely to defy even the most earnest finder of unknown eateries. There is a large-ish menu next to the entrance, but it is above eye-level, so you may miss this too. I only noticed it when leaving...

However, all this said we popped in mid afternoon Friday and there where at least 4 couples already in so it must be ‘known’ to some. Wanting a quiet place to do some work prior to eating we ordered a bottle of the Pinot Grigio to get us started.

The restaurant is in the basement of the building and it has no natural light, it is however bathed in a low level electric light with a slightly green tinge. There is a bar for service and sitting at and tables have been created in the popular American booth style complete with green leather upholstery finished with a European chesterfield pattern.

The effect is akin to walking into a Mickey Spillane, Mike Hammer era, dinner replete with dark corners for assignations and conversations, or maybe even a ‘good ol’ punch up’ at the bar with that hard-nosed investigator. You can imagine that this space would be great for a party and now doubt it has seen many in its years.

Adding to the joints American feel is the Dog’s n Dough menu full of Hotdogs and Pizzas along with accompaniments of schooners of bottled and draft American ales. The menu offers a huge choice of hotdogs and pizzas created in many different styles and printed in just as many fonts.

You can have your Dog dressed with chilli, sour cream, peepers, cheese, onions or even bacon to mention just a few. The Pizza menu is just as expansive including Indian, Caribbean themed creations and even something called ‘The Gladiator’. to tempt your hungry palette.

Once our work was done we ordered a ‘New Yorker Dog’, almost a classic of American cuisine, with pastrami, Swiss cheese, jalapenos and horseradish mayo and the more simple ‘Chilli Dog’ with chilli and sour cream. We added a portion of Kiev Fries covered cheese and garlic butter.

You will find the service to be efficient and the waiters can tell you about each of the dishes, which is likely to help you choose. Our food arrived and I ordered a schooner of the Pabst Blue Ribbon hailing from Milwaukee, very nice.

If you like cocktails then I can recommend the gin based ‘Mississippi Sipper’. The menu offers several others to choose from including the infamous Zombie, with its diverse ingredients of rum, rum, rum with a fruit or two...

You never really think that a Hot Dog will last very long, but as I discovered here mine, complete with the fries, took at least 20 minutes to eat. I can say my Dog was great the bread was squishy the dog cooked to a nice brown colour and the dressings where all fresh with great zingy sauces.

The Fries where good and certainly crunchy, although I think in retrospect I would have preferred them without the cheese, which does tend to clump fires together.

I can say our experience was excellent, the service professional and certainly I will be looking to pop back when next needing a taste of Americana in our fair city of Manchester.

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Dogs n Dough
Bow Lane
Off Cross Street
Manchester M4 1HW

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Mon to Thrs - 4pm to 10.00pm
Fri - Sat Noon - 11pm
Sun Noon - 9pm