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Wednesday 26 Feb 2020

[@]Yard & Coop - Northern Quarter Chicken and Drink

Yard and Coop

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is a busy place, there are bars coming out of your ears and a good many eating places, everything from full service restaurants to the classic greasy take-away. It is into this climate that the doors, or gates maybe, of Yard and Coop opened this July.

Yard and Coop is a bar and a restaurant it is located on Edge Street, a stone throws from the old fish market. Its styling is somewhat Northern Quarter Industrial with those hanging designer lamps, however the feel is slightly different, it has been fitted out to look like a chicken yard, fortunately without the smell or mess.

The bar and table surfaces are constructed of heavy duty floor boards, the high chairs at the bar made from pressure treated wood. There are even coops that you sit and eat in complete with fancy fairy lights. The entire effect eye is catching and makes a refreshing change to NQ’s standard trendy fitments.

The drinks menu offers a selection of classic cocktails, bottled lagers and soft drinks, while the real beer lovers will enjoy both the Yard Pilsner and the Coop Wheat beer. Y&C bottled beers include the Californian Anchor Steam, the Paulaner Munich Dunkl and the excellent South Wales brewed Tiny Rebel Cwtch.

Tonight we are trying the Yard and Coop menu which, as you may have guessed, is all chicken dishes. The house special is essentially chicken in basket, but what makes it different is the ‘secret’ Y&C crumb-coating. You get to choose from either a chicken breast or thigh cut, coated in a ‘styled’ crumb and served with a choice of sauce.

For vegetarians there are ‘chicken balls’ which is crumb-covered Halloumi with the same style options. There are also ‘large’ plate choices for those feeling extra peckish, again all with chicken, or go wild and order the ‘sharing bucket’ which is served with 4 pints of lager in a big jug.

Our chicken dishes, chips and Thai salad all arrived at the same time. The chips where served in an expanded foam tray very ‘chip shop chic’, the chicken in wicker baskets and its sauce in a dipping pot. An appetizing vista for the hungry reviewer!

My chicken thighs where soft and succulent, the crumb-coating added flavour, which chicken really needs, and the ‘Bees Knees’ sauce was hot and zesty. The Thai Salad was good, but for me not quite spicy enough. Overall the entire offering was extremely good, even if it the menu concept seems simple, which it is.

It was a busy night in Yard and Coop, however we were not rushed and managed to spend a pleasant couple of hours in conversation while enjoying our dinner.

I think that Yard and Coop could well become a place to hang out. Its relaxed style and slightly different approach will appeal to even the most hard-headed NQ’er.

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Yard & Coop
23-37 Edge Street
Manchester M4 1HW

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Tue to Sun - Noon to 12:30am
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